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      Fun Kids’ Rugs That Your Children Will Love Too

      Any child’s room needs a fun, colourful and exciting focal point, and that is just what you can find in our collection of kids’ rugs. We have the right design, motive and style for your child too. Whether you have a little princess at home, a young prince or siblings sharing a room. We have products that both you and your children will love. Choose between themed cartoon carpets featuring Winnie the Pooh, Wall-E, Ben10 or even the Looney Tunes.

      If you want to easily shop for children’s rugs online, browse our collection below now. This section contains a comprehensive selection of our children's rugs. They are soft, warm and washable, making them ideal for children's bedrooms and playrooms. Our products are machine made in Modacrylic plush pile (washable), so you can be sure they will withstand even the toughest of child’s play.

      If you have any questions regarding our range, our friendly staff members will gladly take time to answer any queries you may have and can also help you, should you need assistance finding the right product or size. Please get in touch with us via email at info@rugsdirect.com.au.

      Ezra Multi Lantern Rug

      $299.00 $199.00

      Organica Jute Rug

      $299.00 $169.00

      Puffy Soft Shag Pink

      $169.00 $99.00

      Nova Pink Castle Rug

      $249.00 $129.00